Our Philosophy

  Our philosophy, one that also opens the way full of excitement in the wine, winemaker, is "... respect and care from the soil of the vineyard until the time the wine will be bottled, would be released and will arrive to the customer! It should be respectful of the product from the source yet to be able to offer the customer the value of a wine quality. RESPECT AND CARE! "... he says!

  Our cultural identity, our roots, we travel through the centuries in the Black Sea coast, the vineyards of Eastern Rumelia, shaped our consciousness the desire and duty to revive in the beautiful South Anchialos the wine history with a leading role in Greek wine.

     At our winery we attempt to highlight exceptional and individual wines, which can produce by combining its expertise with knowledge of the past. « We want to share with the world," "secret" yesterday, to know that when they speak with new scientific and technological methods, which is certainly permissible, Greek wines can stand up to authority within and across borders »

With the same philosophy we face and the process of winemaking. With respect to the grapes as raw material, do not let the hassle or harvest, or to transfer, since the winery is located 500m. by vineyards. With our experience and modern equipment we have, utilizing the production of the vineyards, so as to obtain excellent wines with particular characteristics. « "During the wine, sleep is a few hours after the wine is not" sleeping "is not waiting, wants you beside him to watch, to get where they want and develop into a truly remarkable, unique, wine creation".

     We invest continuously in quality to ensure the best outcome tirelessly to attempt to produce quality wines
   We offer high quality wines in our selective parts of the wine market in Northern Greece. With emphasis on organization and prompt service we can quickly serve any needs arise.
Showing respect to the client or the consumer who is investigating, updated, and finally can see the best in quality and price, we must give a certain quality the best price.

With this philosophy, we are moving ahead steadily and surely, with high quality wines that bear a great wine, history but our own stamp!