Our vineyards

    The vineyards owned by George Zarari, spread the plain, west of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, across the Gulf of Thessaloniki and between two rivers, the Gallikos and the Axios River. Southwest skyline rise the mountains of Olympus, while the Northwest at 40 km dominate the outskirts of the Pike. This creates currents aeron, most feature the Vardar, creating ideal conditions for viticulture.
    The typical Mediterranean climate which characterizes the region, with clear continental influence, ideal for viticulture, rich ammoargilodi to clay and well drained soils, but the personal touch with the appropriate management of the vineyards are the main factors that give us the capable of producing high quality wines   
          Similarly, the cultivation of noble Greek variety as roditis, Malagouzia and Muscat of Alexandria, adapted and tested the soil and climate, ensuring the highest quality raw material and give our wines an authentic and genuine character. Our experiments in recent years the cultivation of exotic varieties such as Syrah, Merlot gave impressive results demonstrating the potential of our vineyards.

        The area is characterized by smooth terrain with slight inclines and soils ammoargilodi to clay, well-drained, highly suitable for viticulture. Since the beginning of the century or so, since I and created the village areas and place names remain constant, indicating most of the time, consistency and suitability of the soil.

     The vineyards are developed in four areas of vineyards, orchards, Glen, Sandy, Eptamisaria, growing local and foreign varieties adapted to the region.
In Perivolia, there is a vineyard 15 acres, since 1993, with the varieties Grenache rouge, Savatiano (Doumpraina white) and  Roditis, inoculated in the underlying 110 RICTER. In the same vineyard with soils rich in calcium, potassium and manganese, wanting to test varieties Asyrtiko and Malagouzia, purchased and planted in 2007, two new vineyards in the area of 5 to 6 acres.

In rematia, launched in 2007, the establishment of vineyards in the area of 9 acres with a variety Syrah, inoculated in the underlying 110 RICTER. That same year in an area rich in sandy soil (site: Sandy), the experiment starts growing small 6 acre vineyard with a variety Merlot. Alongside the position Perivolia was installing a new vineyard, 6 acres with a variety Muscat of Alexandria. The varieties Syrah, Merlot, Grenache rouge, which experimented showed great flexibility and with proper management gave excellent results.

Our respect towards the natural characteristics of each vineyard, and the character of each variety, coupled with strict cultivation technique applied each time, ensure excellent quality grape production.
    The vineyards are irrigated with drip irrigation system and quantities vary depending on climatic conditions and variety.

    H Report of the vineyards is determined by the south-south orientation and slight gradients and thereby protected from cold northerly winds, while benefiting from the solar thermal effects, namely the quantity and intensity of solar rays.

The plants are arranged in linear format supported, double Royat (string) which aims to better exposure to sun and light and the operation of the heat of the soil.
« Caring for an adequate folic wall and separate the foliage from grapes surpass the risk of sunburn, especially in the current era with strong climate change», the winemaker says.
With this system of education we aim to optimize the load and the quality of the grapes. The planting distance between rows is 2,0-2,2 m, and on line 1,25-1,50 m, depending on the diversity.


The close collaboration with an advisory group consisting of agronomists experienced external and agronomist of the Agricultural District Association of Local New Messimvria, continuous monitoring of vineyards through analysis and sampling, designed to bring qualitative and quantitative testing of raw materials for producing high quality wines.